How to get rid of garlic body odor

So you want to know how to get rid of garlic body odor? Here it comes:

I inherited a very sensitive nose and if I wasn’t a human I could easily be listed in the category of the best 10 sniffers in the animal kingdom. Luckily or not, not many people own as sensitive pair of nostrils as mine.

The body is a very broad expression in this topic because the techniques that work vary dependent on the body part. Click on how to get garlic smell of breath or hands if this in fact is what you mean, otherwise, keep reading.

How to get rid of garlic body odor? I have 4 easy ways to can achieve that. Garlic is good for you but can be a bit to fragrant, especially on your skin. Come in and see how to get rid of garlic body odor with my tested methods... Trust me! I eat a lot of garlic!

How to get rid of garlic body odor

There are obvious longer term solutions to prevent having to deal with the garlic odor: decreasing garlic in your diet, trying to eat it cooked instead of raw or using odorless garlic supplements instead of fresh garlic.

However, if on occasion you simply have too much of garlic, the smell really bothers you and you don’t know how to get rid of garlic body odor asap, try the tested methods below.

1. Have a cool bath with salts, pieces of fresh lemon and mint.

Epsoak bath salt - How to get garlic smell off your bodyEpsoak is a brand I use and recommend, but frankly any cool, salt bath soak will help you to detoxify, refresh your skin and get rid of the unpleasant odor. Salt bath cleanses pores, flushes out toxins, helps to detoxify the skin, relieve muscle aches and pains and even relieve aching feet.

Epsoak is known for its amazing therapeutic qualities.  You can even mix Epsoak with shower gel to create your own body scrub.

If you are not happy with it, Epsoak offers 100% money back guarantee! All Epsoak products are GMP certified.


2. Refrain from activities that make you sweat, but if you can’t then shower often. 

Aveeno shower gel - How to get garlic smell off your bodyAveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Body Wash with Natural Oatmeal is my favourite shower gel. I love it because it does what it should and smells absolutely gorgeous.

Obviously, we all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to fragrances and, back in time, I used to prefer completely fragrance free products. The scent of garlic makes its way through the skin pores though and I found that, if I eat a LOT of garlic a nice, cool shower with a fragrant shower gel is a saving grace!

The bottom line is: to get rid of garlic body odor shower at least twice a day and you’ll notice the difference!


Even without any heavy exercise our pores release a natural amount of moisture called sweat. The smell of the sweat does not have an unpleasant odor.

It is when the sweat comes in contact with bacteria on the skin and sulphur–like compounds from the breakdown of garlic (other herbs too!), which also come through the pores of the skin, that odor becomes more noticeable.

3. Keep your body cool – The heat intensifies fragrances. 

This one can be tricky, but if you are intentional about it, it is doable! Avoid crowded areas with not much fresh air if possible.

4. Drink lots of liquids – Think cleansing.

Evian Water Bottles - how to get rid off garlic body odorWe hear it all the time: Drink more water! Water is good for you! Water cleanses your body and improves your metabolism. This is all true: water is best friend and I personally like the taste of Evian Natural Spring Water.

Every diet you read about says: Drink more water. Except for keeping you alive it helps to cleanse your body and flush out the toxins.

But I said DRINK MORE WATER  AND THIS MEANS WATER – not dehydrating beverages  like coffee or alcoholic ones. These two increase your blood pressure & sweating – this is what you don’t want at all!

I suggest Evian, just because I like it, but any other good quality, mineral water will also do the job. One thing I would mention is that STILL water seems to feel us up a bit less then the sparkling one. If you want to drink lots of water intentionally in a short period of time, you might find the still one a bit easier to manage. Just a thought!

5. Don’t worry!

You are most likely to be the first person who pick on the change in your own body odor since you are the one who is most used to its natural smell and this will allow you to act quickly. Unless you eat a lot of garlic every day the changed odor is not permanent and you have nothing to worry about.

You will be pleased to know that the garlicky body odor you smell is probably not as bad as you think and it will go away within 24-48 hours. It is impossible to get the garlic smell off your skin instantly if the garlic has not completely passed from your digestive system, but it is possible to noticeably minimize the strength of the smell.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. This WILL NOT increase the price of your purchase! I use all of the products listed above and recommend them because they come from  companies that I have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed above!

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    • I wouldn’t worry too much dear. Raw garlic cloves eaten on their own are the worst, but garlic croutons can’t be too pungent or leave lingering odour for long. Have an apple or chew on a bit of fresh parsley in the morning after you brush your teeth first and you’ll be ok. I’m pretty sure that also chewing on some mint or other flavoured chewing gum will do a good job. Good luck!

        • But I have one last question, I have a workout class at school an I get pretty sweaty should deoterant and body spray mask the smell?

          • It will help, but I really think you shouldn’t worry that much. It doesn’t sound like you had enough garlic to feel the side effects.

    • Oopsy! I do feel for your wife if they were raw cloves… 🙂 I’m glad you found my post though. Try to use some of the methods mention there to help the side effects. Good luck!! 🙂

  1. Why wont my garlic breath go away 2 months after eating it ive cut out all garlic and its still in my system its driving me crazy i dont know what to do. Ita brought my confidence down.

    • Hello Nelso, I don’t believe that in your case the garlic breath issue is caused by eating garlic if the last time you had it was months ago. Garlic breath (Halitosis) can be related to health conditions caused by the presence of bacteria below the gum line, on the tongue or in your digestive system. Sinuses problems, use of tobacco and more severe health problems can also be indicated by a bad breath.

      For treatments and advice I’d certainly advice you to consult your doctor.

      • Yeah you might be right i feel its a bacteria i might have gotten. I will see my doctor. But i dont want to sound rude but have you smelt certain asian persons breath sometimes you get like a tofu or garlicy smell thata how my breath is if i exhale deeply. But its gone away but now i feel my mouth get more dirty in the mornings. I feel its a bacteria in my stomach or mouth , im taking better care of my mouth and food which is helping me out.